18 April 2012

Inspirational Pink Craft Room - Reveal!!

Maybe you remember way back to January when I decided it was time to re-do my craftroom?  Here is a reminder of what my "before" looked like.  You can check out my original post here.

Well, it took me a little longer then I expected to get finished, my flooring got back-ordered forever, and everything took a lot more work then I anticipated.  But I am happy to say, I'm now ready to reveal it!  Now its still not 100%, but its close and I'm too excited to wait any longer!  So now to the good stuff!  

First here is a pic from the door (the same as my "before" picture).  As you can see I added an accent wall of pink! I originally wanted to stencil that back wall, but this is actually wallpaper! It has the look of stenciling that I wanted but without me having to actually stencil.  I love it! 

We also replaced the carpeting with laminate wood flooring that matches our baseboards almost perfectly!  I ordered a bunch of new furniture including this HUGE craft table and the accent chair in the corner was the start of the color inspiration in my room with the green and pink.  As you can see, I need a better stool for my craft table, please ignore the one in there right now is from our kitchen.

Before my machine was on a tiny cheap-o desk made of particle board.  This one is a real sewing desk, that can drop my machine down which I really wanted in a sewing table.  I love this quote & thought would be perfect for inspiration...and its pink too of course! :)  

In the end, I think turned out even better then I expected, and I think it will be hard to NOT be inspired in here.  I really wanted a pink room, but I didn't want it too look like a baby's room.  I think I was able to accomplish that, with the one wall of pink but not going overboard.  Thanks for being so patient to see it since it took me 3 times longer then I though it would, but hope you like it too!  


  1. I love it! I wish my craft room looked like that~ I would be creating for hours!

  2. That is super cute, thanks for linking up to Whip it up Wednesday!

  3. Pink rules! This is an awesome transformation and I love the island desk so much!

  4. Love it! The pink is so fun & fresh! Also so jealous of that huge desk!

  5. Oh to have my own craft room.

    You can see how I organised my sewing centre here:


    Your craft room looks so lovely btw :)

  6. I follow you now and would love it it you follow me too, if you like xx

  7. Thanks so much for linking up @CountryMommaCooks....What a great space, I love the decal on the wall.......have a wonderful Sunday:)

  8. I dream of having my own craft room someday. Yours is lovely. Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

  9. Hi Melissa: Your craft room is sooo fabulous. Love, love the pink wall. Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my craft room makeover. We are girls united by pink. We should start a club or something. lol.
    Tuula :)

  10. Melissa, I love your accent wall!! And like that your sewing table is higher....isn't it wonderful having your own little spot in the world to sew!! Thanks for rejuvinating this post at Tuesday Archives....and thanks for your enthusiastic support of the linky!

    1. Still love your makeover!! Totally understand how this is a weekend retreat for ya!

  11. I'm not a fan of pink, so I wouldn't choose the same colours for myself, but I think this room looks great. The white and pink together is very striking, and the way the room is laid-out looks so fresh and uncluttered.