14 January 2012

About Me

I thought today I would let you know a little more about me and how I became a crafter.  I apologize ahead of time if I get a little long-winded :)

My name is Melissa and I live in the Midwest.  I've been married to my college sweetheart for about 3 years (we eloped in 2009, after dating nearly 7 years). We have a little brown puppy, named Mr. C who is a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel / Poodle Mix) and pretty much the best thing in our lives. 

It would be easy to say that growing up my Grandma always had us working on different crafts and that I found my love of sewing and crafting then.  Which she did, but I was never really that into it.  Sure, I would glue little googly-eyes to my popsicle reindeer, or make little pillows for my Barbie dolls, but I just did it because that's what you do at Grandma's house, I didn't have the bug...yet. 

Fast forward, I graduated from college after working and getting my Bachelors and Masters Degree back to back, and got my 1st "big kid job".  I found myself bored at night, I would work my 8-5 and was so used to coming home and doing homework that I did not know what to do with myself for the 5 hours before bedtime.  So on a whim, I bought a cute little frog cross-stitch pattern. And loved making it! So then I bought a bunny, and thought - yup I could do this!  And for Christmas that year, my parents got me the best Christmas present that I have ever received.   A sewing machine!!! 

First project was make a rag quilt for my Grandma, after all I know where my love of crafting came from even if it took me a while to find it!

Second project, a rag quilt for my Grandpa who was in the hospital at that time, so I thought it would be nice & warm for him. 

Then I was hooked. Out of control. Fully engulfed in sewing. Aprons, coasters, totes, anything I could think of!

And fabric, oh the fabric!  Everything I saw I loved and had to have it. Thus, starting my stash of fabric (to the dismay of my poor husband). And since I was enjoying the sewing, I also dabbled in making jewelry (which I like all of the beautiful beads, but don't have the patience for making more than one or two things).  And that's how I got here today.  I am excited to meet and talk with others who are into the same things I am, and possibly share my ideas & creations, and more importantly learn from you guys & see your amazing ideas!


  1. Hi there! I have been thinking about doing an "about me" post. I have loved reading yours! I love fabric also...and try to limit the amount of time I spend in the fabric store ;)

  2. Thanks for entering my giveaway!

    I'm now following your blog, your dog is so cute!

  3. Your quilts are beautiful,,,thanks for sharing at my "pick a theme" linky party ...

  4. I always admire quilters...it's something that I've always wanted to do but never followed through. For now I will continue to be everyone elses cheerleader ;} Have a great week, fondly, Roberta

  5. What great projects!! I LOVE rag quilts! They are so good for beginners. I would love it if you would be willing to link to our party going on now. Thanks.


  6. Your sewing projects are beautiful! Lovin that quilt! Thank you for linking up to "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We hope you come back to share more great ideas next Saturday. -The Sisters

  7. Your quilts are so pretty. I stumbled into your blog and found these pretty things.
    Terrie from Hong Kong

  8. we sound similar! I work in accounts payable and sew on the weekends (and dabble in lots of other crafts too!) thanks for visiting and your comment on my rag quilt! yours came out so nice too - I love the one for your grandpa, gorgeous colors! your pup is adorable too.

  9. Perfect post to rejuvenate under our Tuesday Archives Flannel theme Melissa!! I enjoyed reading about how you got "hooked" on quilting...