26 January 2012

New Background

I love seeing the cool templates and backgrounds that everyone has, so I wanted something fun and new too!  I found this background and banner at The Cutest Blog on the Block.  I think it is so cute, not only for Valentine's Day, but if you ask me any day is a good day for pink! Being spoiled by my tech-savvy husband, I have gotten pretty lazy with anything computer related.  However I was able to do this myself. I was even able to edit the banner with my name and get it (fairly) centered.

Yay!  Its so cheery now, I love it!

Now I'm wishing I had some projects to share on my beautiful new blog, but work has been killer and this weekend my mom & I are going to Minneapolis for a girls weekend.  So no sewing this weekend, we'll have our shopping shoes on instead!

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