18 January 2016

Happy Monday - Doggy Version

I don't take credit for this - but I found it adorable.

Happy Monday!

13 January 2016


Is everyone else hunkered down for the month of January?  Winter in northern Wisconsin took its sweet time getting here this year.  We barely had a dusting of snow in order to have a White Christmas.  (This is in a place that had record setting snow on Halloween when I was a little girl!)

However, old man winter has decided to make up for the delay by providing us FRIGID temperatures!  Monday morning was -19.  And yes that is nineteen BELOW zero!

Remind me again why I live here???

Since I can't afford a trip to Florida right now, I guess there's only one thing to do!


Much to hubby's excitement - I am finally making him his very own quilt!  I knew I wouldn't have it finished for Christmas, so I put the scraps of what I had started in a box with a spool of thread and wrapped that for him!  He was really perplexed until he put it together and said "Are you making me a quilt????"  I've been working on it on weekends, and I think it looks pretty good laid out in the family room.

He loves it, especially the mushroom print.  Which I knew he would love.  These Woodwinked by Dear Stella fabrics are masculine enough that even though the "solids" are little heart prints (awwwww) it doesn't seem girly!

And bonus for me, when it's done it will get to reside on the Quilt Rack my dad built me for Christmas!  Yay!!

What is everyone else working on this month?