20 October 2014

Awkward Corner Makeover

Does every house have that one place that's just a bit awkward & they don't know what to do with it?  In our house its the corner.  Its between the kitchen and dining room, on the other side of our fridge.

I knew it had potential but I just never knew what to do with it.  That is until I found this at Target!  I hoped it fit and loaded it up in my Honda and brought this baby home!

I thought the glass doors gave the perfect opportunity to display all of my cookbooks, while keeping them dust free.  I made a table runner for the top & my mom got me these antique cake platters for my birthday, the perfect place to display them - aren't they fabulous?!

And finally I came across two pictures at Shopko.  Since one was damaged I was able to negotiate with the manager and get them both 50% off!  Little did they know, this "damage" was going to be perfect to fit over the ugly phone jack in the middle of my wall!  Put it all together, and taaa-daa!  Awkward no more!

14 October 2014

September Reading Recap

When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde (5 Stars)

I really enjoy a book that isn't the typical story & "When I Found You" was one of those books.  Well-written, unexpected, and touching - this was the perfect book to read while lounging under a blanket watching the leaves fall with a cup of tea.

The story begins with Nathan McCann.  The author immediately makes the reader feel for Nathan who seems to be lonely and in a loveless marriage.  In a moment that changed his life, duck hunting one morning Nathan and his dog find a tiny baby left in the woods wrapped in a sweater.  Nathan bonds with this child in the short time it takes to bring him to the police and decides he wants to adopt the boy.  However, this is where the story starts to depart from the expected.  The baby is given to its grandmother to raise, yet through the years Nathan always carries a soft spot for him.  A story of heartbreak, trauma, and unconditional love despite all odds made me truly enjoy this book.  On a scale of 1 - 5, I give it 5 stars.