20 October 2014

Awkward Corner Makeover

Does every house have that one place that's just a bit awkward & they don't know what to do with it?  In our house its the corner.  Its between the kitchen and dining room, on the other side of our fridge.

I knew it had potential but I just never knew what to do with it.  That is until I found this at Target!  I hoped it fit and loaded it up in my Honda and brought this baby home!

I thought the glass doors gave the perfect opportunity to display all of my cookbooks, while keeping them dust free.  I made a table runner for the top & my mom got me these antique cake platters for my birthday, the perfect place to display them - aren't they fabulous?!

And finally I came across two pictures at Shopko.  Since one was damaged I was able to negotiate with the manager and get them both 50% off!  Little did they know, this "damage" was going to be perfect to fit over the ugly phone jack in the middle of my wall!  Put it all together, and taaa-daa!  Awkward no more!

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