23 December 2011

Slow Cooker Beef Noodle Soup

Ok, first things first. I am not really the cooking type, in fact my husband is the one who usually cooks. I would much rather bake. I think the issue is not that I'm an awful cook, I just get too overwhelmed when trying to make more then one thing at one time. That's why I like to bake - follow the recipe, add the items one by one, put in oven, take out when the timer beeps and ta-da! A delicious treat!

With that said, the last time we were at my in-laws I saw they had this Slow Cooker Revolution cookbook. I browsed through it & each recipe I looked at sounded really good & looked like something I could do. And being the lucky girl I am, a few days later my very own copy showed up at our house-thanks David! I've made a couple things out of it so far & this time thought I'd give the Old Fashioned Beef Noodle Soup a try.

 There were a few things that I thought were interesting about the recipe. The first thing is, it has you microwave the onion along with the spices and some tomato paste before adding it with the veggies and meat to the slow-cooker. 

The other thing I was surprised by, is the recipe did not have you add the noodles directly to the slow cooker. After 8 hours of cooking, I boiled the noodles on the stove & then mixed them in with the rest of the soup right before serving. 

According to the husband, it was the best soup I've ever made. He went back for seconds, and the next day ate all that was leftover before I even got home from work! Good thing I froze 1/2 of it right away, and I'm guessing it won't stay in the freezer too long! 

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