19 December 2011

Garage Window Curtain

Recently there have been some car break-ins of cars parked on the street our neighborhood. One of the neighbors even said he had a set of golf-clubs that were stolen out of his garage when he was home & had the garage door open. Since we have a window in our garage, my husband thought it would be a good idea to put up a curtain so no one can look inside & see if we were home or not, or to spy on his prized possession - his motorcycle. (Please ignore the mess below the window, the garage is not my territory.)

So being the devoted wife (and of course, one who loves to sew!), I set out to make him a curtain. I wanted to use a fabric that would look the same on both sides & something that was masculine enough for a garage. I also was feeling lazy & didn't want to leave the house.  Digging around in my sewing room, I found this fabric leftover from when I had made a rag quilt.  And it was approved by the husband & Mr. C seemed to like it too!   

I would've liked them to be a little wider, but I didn't have any more fabric.  And since I'm not the handiest when it comes to powertools or drilling into wood, I didn't want to hang up a traditional curtain rod. So I bought a tension rod & used that instead. 


  1. like the curtain....nice idea...I appreciate you share it.

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  2. Good job! No prying eyes will spy his big boy toys!
    Thanks for helping me with the trial linky party! It seems to be working well, and I appreciate your help!

  3. The curtains look fabulous. Great colour for the unfinished walls :)

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