22 May 2015

Mother's Day Sewing Time!

Since I didn't see my mom on Mother's Day, we planned a sewing weekend last weekend!  We let laundry and dishes sit by the wayside and my dad was even nice enough do the cooking!

But before I headed up north, my cousin had let me know he had 25 cases of mangos & did we want any? Well my hubby LOVES mangos, so I met him & got my mangos and headed home.
Mango smoothies - YUM!!

Of course I couldn't go without my adorable co-pilot showing off his new car seat!

I was expecting to take more pictures, but when you're in the cutting & sewing groove - there is just no time for pictures!  I did capture this one of the fabric I'm cutting for the wedding quilt I'm working on.

Overall we had an amazing weekend, after a full day of quilting & sewing I fed the goat mango peels (oh my goodness did he love them!) and drove the fourwheeler in the mud - embracing my country girl roots.

And we decided we have GOT to do that again! What a fun time!


  1. Sound alike a wonderful time enjoying time with your Mum! How special!

  2. Aww that sounds like an awesome day, and you sound like my youngest daughter (except for the loving sewing part, waaaah), bombing around on a quad, dog at her side, feeding a goat... :-)


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