27 April 2014

My First Craft Fair!

Yesterday was the big day - my very first Craft Fair!  And I call it a success!  It was a beautiful day here in WI - which besides Easter Sunday, was the very first one all Spring!  Unfortunately, I think that since it was so nice out, people were more inclined to spend time outside and less time shopping :(  Thus I only made two sales - one to my mom (thanks mom!) and one from my good friend Heather.  Regardless, I had a great time and I hope to do another one again some time!

My Table
 Do you guys like these Microwavable Rice bags?  So nice to heat up on put on sore muscles or I like them when I have a headache.  Since sometimes after being used over & over they can start to smell a little like cooked rice (duh, it IS rice!), I infused mine with Essential Oils.  Love these!
Aromatherapy Rice Bags. 
I didn't sell either of my baby quilts, but I did get quite a few comments on the fun, bright colors!

When we were up at my parent's farm for Easter I was able to get some gorgeous pictures of them hanging on their clothesline.  They are now on my Etsy shop if you want to check them out!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/mymeller

Overall it was a great experience!  Another cool thing was networking and seeing other peoples crafts, I learned about the world of Scentsy - how did I not know about this!  I also met another vendor who lives in the same town as me and shares the same love I have for Moda and Riley Blake fabrics.  We even discussed the possibility of starting a Modern Quilting group here in town - something that is desperately needed!  


  1. Moda and Riley Blake! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am kicking around the idea of craft shows and I like reading how other people do at their's, what to expect, like how even good weather can affect it. I LOVE those quilts they're so pretty! Those are the loveliest rice bags I have ever seen! :D Thank you! I would love to read more about your craft shows when you do another.

  2. It can be a bit depressing when you don't have a lot of sales, you are right to think of it as a great networking opportunity. Meeting like minded people is always lovely. Your stall looked great and your quilts are beautiful - maybe too much of an investment for a spontaneous craft fair purchase, I'm sure they will do better on etsy. Good luck for the next one!

  3. CONGRATS on your first craft fair! Doing the first is the biggest battle!

  4. Craft fairs are fun and exhausting!!! They are also interesting. Sometimes I sell out and sometimes I sell nothing-at the same fair but different years. It is fun to visit with the vendors. I tend to spend a lot of my sales $ at other vendor's booths. You're right, it's a great place to network. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Your quilts are lovely! I get the whole craft fair thing! Hang in there and try to find your niche!

  6. Good luck to you. I have tried so many times to sell my quilts and things over the years and never a single sale... mom didn't even buy anything! I hope you stick with it tho.

  7. What a fun post and perfect one to rejuvinate under our Jelly ROll linky at TUesday ARchives. You remind that there is beauty in simplicity as your JR quilts came out so pretty and happy!!!