03 June 2012

Saturday up North

We went up to visit my husband's parents on Saturday because his grandma was here from out of town.  It was the perfect weather to sit outside and spend time with everyone.  Mr. C enjoyed checking out all of the the plants that my mother-in-law (MM) has.  Well, and I did too, I had fun taking pictures of them all.

Mr. C checking out a bumblebee
This is the underside of those pink flowers  

MM had the biggest marigolds I've ever seen! 

Love these purple flowers. Anyone know what they are? I've been seeing them everywhere & I want some! 
My in-laws have a motel, loved seeing all these boats lined up in the parking lot. They were all from a fishing tournament. 

Even though we were just up there for a day, it was such a great time to relax and recharge.  Sometimes I really miss  it up north.  Just feels like home.

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  1. Those pink flowers are so interesting and beautiful - great pictures!