19 June 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge - Days 8 - 14

I'm a little behind on posting my 30 Day Photo Challenge.

You can find my prior photos here
Days 1 - 7

I'm a sucker for a salty snack, especially chips. Any and all kinds, I love them all.  I actually can't even buy them anymore because I just eat them until they're gone. They call my name.  
I couldn't just pick one "someone" I love. So I picked them both. My hubby  and Mr. C. 
This one kind of needs some explaining.  My mom is the Laundry Queen. Growing up, if you were looking for her, odds were Mom was in the laundry room.  There was always a stack of neatly folded laundry on her dryer.  
Every year since we've lived in our house, we have a robin who lays her eggs in a nest underneath our deck.  We love watching them grow and eventually jump out to spread their wings and fly on their own.  
Pink sunset looking across our street. 
How could I NOT fall in love with those eyes! Oh Mr. C, you have mama wrapped around your finger! 

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