26 March 2012

Update & Pinterest

I can't believe its been so long since I've last updated. I've been really busy with work and studying lately. And I've been exhausted at night. Haven't had time to do laundry let alone anything fun like sewing or quilting. My husband can attest to the laundry bit, apparently I let the underwear situation get a little low last week....oops! I do have all of the work in my craftroom finished, but don't have quite everything back in there yet. So no pics quite yet, but I promise they are coming. I am so excited to share.  Things should quiet down for a bit for me after Easter so I hope to have a *reveal* post for you then.

One thing I have done is, I've finally entered the world of Pinterest. I've been seeing the amazing ideas everyone has been coming up with from Pinterest & I have finally got myself set up. I even posted a link to my coffee pot cleaner tutorial, and was really suprised on how many hits I had from Pinterest. I've added a button on the side of my blog, so if you want to follow me & I can follow you back! I've started a Facebook page too, not much on there yet but feel free to visit me there too :)

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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