31 January 2015

Lazy Day Flannels

Riley Blake Lazy Day Flannels are the newest addition to my Etsy Shop!

If you've been around my Blog a while, you'll know how much I love flannel.  It is my favorite type of fabric!

In fact my first two quilts were rag quilts!

And I made this little monkey quilt for my friend Renee. 

So when I saw these Lazy Day Flannel's by Riley Blake, I knew they would make an adorable rag quilts and a great addition to my Etsy Shop!

What to you think?  Cute right?? My mom even said that they reminded her dresses her and her sister had when they were little girls in the 70s.  

I'm also thinking of putting together 1 yard bundles, would any one be interested in that?  

Let me know!

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