14 October 2013

You CAN go home again

This weekend I made the beautiful drive up north to my parents house.  Something about that area just feels like home.  I love the smells, the hills, and in the fall you can't beat the colors!

And of course the animals!
These guys came up to me to say hi
My Dad & his new Bull Tommy


  1. I have a sign in my house that says: May peace be with you as you stay, and joy be with you on your way. As I've always told my young adult girls, home is a place you return to get rejuvenated, rested and re inspired. So glad your parents farm does the same for you! Thanks for sharing under our Farm theme at Tuesday Archives...love that little Brown cows face!

    1. PS I added myself as a GFC follower today! Looking forward to following.

  2. oooooh cows, love cows and that picture is cute! Visiting from Vals today, LeeAnna Paylor at lapaylor.blogspot.com

  3. Cows sure are cuties...love a farm...!