28 July 2014

Riley Blake Christmas Basics - Christmas in July

I can't believe July is almost over.  There are even a couple trees around the area that a starting to change color!  I for one, am excited.  I love Fall and getting into the fall mood, means Christmas is right around the corner!  And right now, I have the cutest Riley Blake Christmas fabric in my Etsy shop!

Riley Blake Designs "Christmas Basics" - Trees on Blue

Riley Blake Designs "Christmas Basics" - Snowmen & Christmas Trees on Pink

Aren't these the sweetest prints?!?  I love that they are not your "traditional" Christmas colors, but still give you the full taste of the season.  Plus anytime you can get pink in there, you know I'm game!

I also couldn't resist these buttons with white "stitching".  It was hard to narrow down, but I thought the Red, Teal, and Pink coordinated perfectly with this new fabric!

I'd love if you take a minute to check out my shop & see what I've got on there.  When I first opened it, it wasn't to make a big profit - I only wanted to share items I love! And each item, I do truly love!  I hope you do too :)

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