27 May 2014

May Reading Recap

This month's book comes from my Kindle.  I synced my Kindle and it downloaded a book that I don't even remember buying.  Does this happen to anyone else? I'm not sure if it was one I found free, accidentally ordered at somepoint, or if I just am getting old & forgot I bought it.  Either way, it was like a mini Christmas!

Hidden by Catherine McKenzie (2/5)

Written from the perspective of Jeff Manning and the women in his life, alternating by chapter.  Following his untimely death - his wife struggles with grief as well as secrets she uncovers.  With many questions and suspicions, it is a bonus for the reader to go back and read chapters from Jeff.  Unfortunately, however I did not enjoy the topic of this book.  While I believe the title of Hidden may be eluding to the fact that there are secrets kept in marriage, I felt like it glorified infidelity.  I would read another book by this author, but I would read the description and choose one on a different subject.  

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